Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's Here! The Self-Help Road Map!

My e-book, The Self-Help Road Map, is ready to serve! If you or anyone you know is getting ready to start a journey of self-improvement, discovery and healing, let The Self-Help Road Map guide the way. Even if you've tried to get help in the past and it hasn't worked, The Self-Help Road Map can open your eyes and redirect you to new avenues of healing you didn't know existed. It will save you tons of time, money and frustration. I've done the hard work in finding the good help so you can focus your energy on yourself!

Personally, I feel very proud of what I have done. Even if I don't sell a single copy, I know that I have done my best and I have a written account of all I have done to better myself (so far!). I have documented these past 10-15 years of growth and change. I am so happy to share what I have learned and if it can help just one person, then that's the icing.

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Thank you!

A great resource for self improvement advice.

Leftovers that didn't make it into my e-book

There was a lot of stuff that just didn't make it into my latest self-improvement e-book, so I'll be guiding you to that information here on the blog. A couple of valuable pieces of information are what you can expect in a theraputic relationship and questions you'll want to ask your prospective therapist. Read more about it here: