Sunday, August 17, 2008

New Year

For the past week or so I've heard this sentence over and over again: Thank God 2007 is over.

I've never been one to think that Jan 1 of any year is going to wipe away what happened during the previous 365 days. I get that energy shifts to newness this time of the year, but I just never thought that because something new begins, the old just disappears. Being in the Fearless Living program has allowed me to embrace the passing of things with a little compassion and grace.

One of the challenges Fearless Living author Rhonda Britten gives at the end of any year...or the end of any phase, relationship or the like, is to do 100 Gratitudes and 100 Acknoweldgements. It is simply a way to wrap up the time/situation in a positive light rather than a negative one.

There is a Fearless Living tool of doing 5 Acknowledgements and Gratitudes A DAY, especially when you are going through a transition, trying to reach a goal, but also just as a daily habit. Those daily daily nuggets are like drops of water...the more you do, the bigger the body of positive water you're swimming in. You eventually begin to retrain your brain to see the positive, you gain more confidence in yourself, you tap into your intuition and you see the changes you have made in your life. Life will always be up and down, but with A&G's the waves get smaller and smaller.

If you are up to the challenge, acknowledge yourself in writing for everything you did that was a risk, or outside your comfort zone this year, even if you think it's not "good enough" or that it wouldn't be a big deal to other people. It's your life, acknowledge it. Then see how many things you can be grateful for this year: the extra challenge is to think about those people/situations/experiences that really made you angry or disappointed. Look around and see if you can find the gift in it. Because there are gifts in everything if you just choose to see things in a new light. That's another benefit in doing daily gratitudes: you'll find yourself in a less-than-ideal situation and you just KNOW that something good is coming out of it. It certainly doesn't mean ignoring your feelings (and believe me, I've been known to hide behind knowing the purpose of something ill in my life rather than acknowledging that I'm hurting), because those need to be processed, it just means that the energy in your life gets higher and it takes the edge off of the pain.

I wish you a new year full of high energy and love!

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