Sunday, August 17, 2008


I've been thinking about the expectations I have on success. If I were honest, I'd say that in order to be successful to the outside world, I have to have a high powered job, a ton of clients, be married with kids and living in a beautiful huge house on the wealthy side of town. Trying to live a life like this does not make me feel very good, actually! I'm kind of tired. It's not me.

So I have been working on redefining what it means to be successful for myself, regardless of what anyone else says. Being successful in my world entails:

Being able to make decisions from my heart most of the time,
Spending most of my energy doing whatever I love to do (whether that is personally or professionally),
Enjoying my own company and
Truly embracing the love that I have in my life.

I think if I were to redefine success it would be more like "a sense of personal satisfaction."

So, how do YOU define success for yourself? When do you get that feeling of personal satisfaction?

What can you do TODAY to create more success for yourself?

At the end of my day, all I want is to feel good about myself and who I am. I get to choose how to make that happen for myself.

In her book Change Your Life in 30 Days, Rhonda Britten talks about about how you must embrace the life you have to get the life you want. In other words: where you are now is exactly where you need to be in order to get where you want to be. Everything has been set up as such. And in order to move on to something new, it's important to be able to have gratitude for the gifts that are being presented to you now. If you want to get another job because you hate the one you have, you will only move on to another job you hate. If you embrace the gifts that your current job is giving you in order to move forward, you will move on to a better place. That's right, the job that you feel is sucking the life out of you is actually full of precious gifts! That neighbor who keeps bugging you might be teaching you how to stand up for yourself!

You will love where you are and you will be able to move towards something else with grace. For instance, I've worked in Theatre Marketing for 10 years. It's not my passion, but because of these past 10 years, I have learned to market myself. I know TONS of people who can support me in that. I've met thousands of people working at a Box Office, many of whom love me and would help me grow my business and they have helped me to learn how to deal with the public. I know how to make my own business cards, flyers, brochures, website, press releases. I have press contacts. I am so fortunate to be in Theatre Marketing and when I leave it, I will do it with so much love and gratitude because it has set my future up beautifully.

Where you are is perfect if you can learn how it's helping you get to where you want to go next!

Find a format for a personal development plan!

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