Sunday, August 17, 2008


I was out for a walk today and realized that essentially, what I do as a Personal Life Coach is support people through transitions.

We're always going through a transition, whether we know it, whether it is something we bring on ourselves or something that happens in our lives that we didn't expect. It's always up to us to process our way through, and to be honest, no one really teaches us how to make transitions. Most of the time we simply react. That's what my business is about, supporting people through transitions, giving them the tools to go through their process as gracefully and as fearlessly as possible (and to even help them discover what transitions their souls want them to make).

The self help world is full of powerful tools. The more you use them, the easier the transitions get, the more you understand your process, the better life becomes. Think about all of the transitions you've gone through: from moving away from home, to getting married, to letting go of people, to meeting new people, to becoming happy, to losing weight, to loving yourself. Life is always changing and we're always transitioning, sometimes we know it, sometimes we don't. I'm fascinated by it and scared by it, too.

If you are going through a transition, no matter what kind, know that there are a variety of self help tools, including Life Coaches and therapists, out there just waiting to support you in learning some amazing tools to aid in your process.

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